About Us

My name is Chloe. I'm a romantic creative diy girly inspired by the little things in life... shadows dancing on the walls. Late night conversations with my husband. The fragrance of jasmine wafting through the warm summer air. The first spring blooms. Golden hour. The sun sparkling on the lake. Rich green iced matcha and abstract art...

And I'm living for the big things. Truth. A deep longing in the heart to understand life and know the God of all creation, Lord Jesus.

Well Known Goods is me capturing and expressing creativity through the home, the wardrobe & my business processes, curating & hand making personal collections including vintage, designer & retro thoughtfully hand picked for you to buy and cherish.

Preloved, handmade, restored treasures of old, collected from all over New Zealand and beyond, my aim is to provide unique and rare pieces that evoke your sense of personal style, curiosity, creativity and comfort. Pieces that bring a smile of contentment when your space or outfit is ‘finished’. And you finally feel, you.

Of course, an outfit or a styled space is just a tiny reflection of the deep truth about yourself and your existence. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a holy, righteous and just God. We (humanity) have severed our relationship to God through sin (evil deeds). Using the free will God gave us we are biased towards evil and disobedience. The punishment for sin is death. God gave us His law so we could test our thoughts, attitudes and actions against them and see how we measure up to His standard. All of us fall short of the perfection and glory of God. God loves us so much that instead of leaving us to die in sin, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ who willingly sacrificed himself, taking the punishment we deserve for our sins so we could be restored to our Father in Heaven. When we realise the truth of our sinful nature, ask for forgiveness and turn away from it, and believe in Jesus sacrifice we are restored to God the Father and receive His Spirit who lives within us and guides us daily.

We were made by God to glorify Him through every breath, action word and deed.

I give thanks to the Lord who has made it possible that I would have these creative abilities to source products, write, photograph, arrange, style and wear. I give thanks for the joy simple things can bring, and the opportunity to make a living through this business.

I pray you who purchase from this website find joy in these things, but also remembering that all of this world will pass away, and only true lasting joy and eternal life can come from the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray if you don’t know the Lord that He might draw you near to Him and you will learn the Truth and it will set you free.

In the mighty Name of Lord Jesus, Amen.