I am passionate about sustainability and have been ruminating on that that really means.

We are committed to circulating items already in the world, giving them new life, and using second hand fabrics and fashion to upcycle into new items.

All items are sourced second hand, even in the making of my own custom and hand made items I will not buy something new just to be able to make it. I always wait to find what I need to transform the item second hand, or I change the idea.

I hope as a reseller and hand maker to encourage sustainability through more than just selling vintage and preloved designer in store but also through

slowing down

making slow mindful purchases and investments

growing sewing and mending skills to restore garments and share and teach the community

repairing, restoring, making new from old

I am committed to the slow revolution, and sustainability in a holistic sense -

  1. the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
    "the sustainability of economic growth"
    • avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.
      "the pursuit of global environmental sustainability"


I am currently exploring what this looks like to apply through my whole business processes, and asking myself questions like:

Am I stewarding my resources well? Is this sustainable for mental health and well-being, time, energy, wardrobe, bank account, creativity, waste, environment, community, and for my customers?